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In 1987 the AMERICAN TRUCKERS’ LEGAL ASSOCIATION (ATLA) was founded. The purpose for creating ATLA is to help professional truck drivers throughout the United States and Canada protect their CDL by choosing specialized lawyer representation for most traffic violations. Legal assistance saves from unfamiliar court procedures and searching for an unproven attorney who will not discount their legal fees. ATLA statistics show that approximately 9 out of 10 cases handled by legal representation keeps CDL records clean. *

Legal assistance also provides CDL drivers the option to stay on the road saving salary, time and usually travel expenses. In addition, ATLA accepts new members with pre-existing tickets and ATLA membership fees have not increased since 1996.

A member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau for twenty years, ATLA continually updates our large network of qualified attorneys. ATLA chooses CDL lawyers with a track record of specialized knowledge of traffic law, who have a history of success in traffic court cases, and who discount their fees for ATLA members.

ATLA’s growth, success and reputation have been built upon a firm foundation of integrity, knowledge and a commitment to represent our members with understanding and respect. With a dedicated staff including a highly qualified Administrator (who has been with ATLA for 22 years and personally understands the unique challenges of the profession) ATLA’s top priority is to help truckers “Keep on trucking.”

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Historic ATLA Website

Historic ATLA Website

*Past performance of attorneys representing ATLA members does not guarantee future performance. ATLA does not practice law.