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If you are stopped for a traffic violation, don't pay the ticket. Get a CDL attorney that will fight for you. We refer all our members to CDL lawyers that have experience in representing truck drivers and are familiar with your needs. Our twenty-five years of experience has helped us find the best CDL attorneys for truckers in every state. Our 90% win rate can attest to that fact. The lawyers we have found have agreed to represent our members at a discounted, flat fee.

Pre-existing ticket? No problem. We have a pre-existing ticket program that will help you eliminate both personal and commercial CDL speeding tickets. Our lawyer referral service makes fighting out-of-state and Canadian CDL traffic tickets a cinch.

When you pay a traffic ticket, you end up paying for more than the fine. Your payment is an admission of guilt and points will be added to your license, your insurance rates will go up and you could be in jeopardy of losing your job.

An out-of-state CDL speeding ticket can follow you home and the state that issued your license and insurer will find out about your violation. The Driver's License Compact (DLC) (signed by 45 states and D.C.) is a reciprocal agreement among states to share out-of-state moving violation convictions. Unfortunately, out-of-state license suspensions work the same way, thanks to the Non-Resident Violator Compact and Driver License Agreement.

An out-of-state CDL traffic ticket is recorded on your driving record and points are assigned to your license. There are few exceptions. For example, some states do not record minor offenses. Others record out-of-state violations, but do not give points. Still others do both for out-of-state convictions.

Do not lose money while trying to make money. Don't pay the ticket and don't let your infraction hound you wherever you go. Become a member of the American Truckers Legal Association and have CDL lawyers at your service. You won't have to risk losing your job for trying to make your runs on time and you certainly won't waste your time and money when you could be working.

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