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American Truckers Legal Association (ATLA) protects you on the first day of joining. We fight all CDL tickets, big rig and private auto, in the United States and Canada. CDL lawyers in our national network challenge speeding, off the route, failure to yield, wrong lane, trucking accident, and CDL suspensions. Hassle, Overweight, parking, and equipment tickets are fought on a case by case basis after a free review.  DAC/CSA problems are tackled. ATLA pays the first $100 toward the discounted, Flat rate, trucking attorney fee.*
We work with you to make ATLA easy and affordable. Payment by members can be by electronic debit/credit cards, com check, money grams, Western Union, personal checks, and money orders.
We like you to be informed and in control- After all, you're used to being in the drivers seat!


The standard membership plan is $38.50 per month, with an initial $73.50 sign-up fee
($35.00 enrollment + $38.50 first month's dues).
Be sure to ask about our current discount promotions, too.
ATLA keeps a streamlined focus on protecting your CDL, your job and your family.
We don't add a bunch of bells and whistles to end up taking more out of your pocket!
Not since 1996 have we raised our rates here at ATLA.
So it is all about you, and your CDL!

Standard Program $73.50


Even if you have a ticket to fight, we work hard to protect you through our trucking attorney network. If the tickets are old, with court dates passed, we still get attorney advice or help. Hassle, overweight, parking and equipment tickets are fought on a case-by-case basis after free review. Members joining under the Pre-Existing Program establish their legal fund with 8 months of dues at $399.50 with one ticket. (Payment arrangements can be made and be sure to ask about our current discount promotions) No dues are paid for 8 months. Dues then begin again at $38.50 monthly.
The Pre-Existing Program is a commitment of 8 month's membership.
Members pay the discounted attorney fee for each Pre-Existing ticket.
ATLA pays $100 for attorney fees on future tickets.**

Select Number of Pre Existing Tickets


For all other legal matters  civil, criminal, labor problems, DUI, child support, CSA/DAC issues, breach of contract ATLA connects professional drivers with discounted, winning trucking lawyers.
A joining member pays $137.50 ($35.00 enrollment fee, $38.50 monthly dues, and $64.00 case setup fee).
Be sure to ask about our current discount promotions, though.
Attorney work for member at discounted, flat rate* Current members get referrals free of charge.


ATLA offers bigger discounted rates to trucking companies that join with a group of drivers.
One monthly payment to covers all members; although each driver has an individual membership.
The Company Program keeps drivers on the road as much as possible not in court.
CSA/DAC reports are protected. Insurance rates stay down.*


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Cancellation of enrollment in all programs is done by the member in writing, via fax or regular mail.

*Past performance of attorneys representing ATLA members does not guarantee future performance. ATLA does not practice law.
** This applies only to Moving Violations.