A key part of major rig security is to understand trucking safety. We  truckers with customers with injuries in trucking accidents. preventative  is the key part here. By understanding safe driving tips will make sure you’l never have a legal problem.

Truck Accident Details

Big rig trucks account for 3 percent of all vehicles on the roads today. Yet are accountable for disproportionate one of every eight traffic fatalities. Thirty five percent of those fatal incidents happen in a truck’s blind spot. According to our lawyers who manage truck accident injuries, seventy percent of those accidents are actually not from the trucker.

Accidents occur when trucks are moving in tight places, backing up, or making tight turns. Also when other vehicles do not stay away from a truck’s blind areas. Although problems are from the other drivers, our firm protect you. 

Big Rig Driving Safety

This profession is one of the ten most dangerous professions in America today. It’s due to so many risks are present on the roadways. ATLA firm points out that vehicle drivers should be conscious of the driving. This can assist in preventing a lot of the highway accidents as mentioned below: 

Assess Whatever Zones– Truck drivers must be aware of the no zone, the four distinct areas around each truck where they are not able to see traffic around them.

It’s vital to notice these zones to prevent colliding with vehicles at these areas. 

Appropriate Signaling – Correct signaling is a must for truck drivers for nearby vehicles of their planned movement. This gives time for close-at hand cars to move. Signal lighting should looked at. Avoid Shifting lanes by being as far as possible.

 Driving in Bad Weather – Large platform drivers should be cautious when roads are slick, wet, or snowy. Be aware their truck will respond under such road conditions. 

It’s important to have extra starting and stopping distance on wet pavement. This gives time to any sudden moves from other vehicles. Slowing down is particularly important on bad roads.

Safe Highway Driving – Road Drivers need to follow all traffic signs. Especially the speed limits. Use large platform managers to avoid motion from lane to lane, tailgating. including significant use of brakes and gas. Another essential tip of driving involves getting good rest and preventing distracted driving.


Idling and Parking – Parking big rigs can lead to collisions when traffic can’t see around the car to pass. Tractor trailers shouldn’t be idle longer than five minutes. Parked on side roads, or parked on the side of the roadways. These are only some of the many ways that big rig drivers can prevent harm.

We seek ways to drive safe on our nation’s highways. Reduce the number of truck accidents that result in injuries and damage to property!