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Professional CDL drivers have the daily grind of their work complying with dispatch, completing all the paperwork, getting the loads through in all kinds of weather and road conditions feeling like it or not. While you are trucking, we take the load off you and get help for tickets and other legal problems and provides you with best Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Services. While you’re out there working, we’re working for you!

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ATLA keeps its way of doing business with the trucker straight forward and no-nonsense. We figure you’ve had enough nonsense by now! Our whole focus is on your CDL traffic tickets and other legal issues. We purposely do not add in a lot of bells and whistles – its you, your CDL and getting you the help you need! We keep the costs down and have not raised our rates since 1996. We work hard at keeping discounted flat-fees for you with the attorneys in the network.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week (just like you work) help available with ATLA  1-800-525-4285

No-nonsense list of services our network attorneys work on for you:

  • All moving violations, CDL tickets and private auto tickets
  • Speeding/Off the route/Wrong lane/Improper turn/Following too Close/Failure to Yield.
  • CDL accidents and accidents in private autos.
  • CDL suspensions.
  • CSA/DAC issues with attorneys trained in dispute processes.
  • Insurance disputes, employment disputes, DUI/DWI, medical card issues and drug testing disputes.
  • Civil lawsuits, owner-operator contract reviews, divorce/custody help.

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*Past performance of attorneys representing ATLA members does not guarantee future performance. ATLA does not practice law.