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I am very satisfied with the work that ATLA does for professional drivers while they continue to work on the roads of America!! Knowing that ATLA continues to work to protect my CDL… and my living as I continue to work!!!”

– Herman Duram
– ATLA Member since August, 2013
– ATLA has handled
five cases for Herman


All of my situations and problems have been handled very promptly and professionally. I could not be happier with the way things were taken care of. ATLA has done everything for me that they advertise and as a driver; I would highly recommend this organization to handle the needs of anyone who needs legal help. Thanks for all you all have done.

– Tommy
– ATLA Member since November, 2010
– ATLA has handled five cases for Tommy


ATLA is the best Trucker Assistance Company in the United States. Without ATLA I wouldn’t have a job because I wouldn’t have a CDL. As humans we’re going to make mistakes while driving. These mistakes can interfere with our licenses. To have a company that can assist with correcting mistakes on a driver’s license is a plus. I wouldn’t have no other company to aid & assist me none other than ATLA. ATLA is the only way to go… the name of the company speaks for itself.”

– Roy B. G. III
– ATLA Member since August, 2008
– ATLA has handled over five cases for Roy

” I have been a member of American Truckers Legal Association, (ATLA) for a few years now and I am blown away by their winning percentage. I’ve had several speeding tickets dismissed or thrown out! I’ve had some speeding ticket’s reduced or changed to non points events such as a parking ticket. The best one yet was when I got pulled into a weigh station for a routine inspection. I had a hub that was leaking badly and the officer was forced to write me up and take me out of service till it was repaired. I contacted ATLA just in hopes the they could just reduce this to a non points event but, much to my surprise they got the ticket completely dismissed! You truckers know how hard it is to reduce or dismiss a ticket received at the scales! As a class A driver it’s up to you to take care of your license and ATLA can help. For me it’s paid for itself 10+ times over!”

– Ray Douglas
– ATLA Member since April, 2012
– ATLA has handled six cases for Ray

We have been ATLA customers for many years, they are very professional and handle things quickly. We recommend everyone to join!

– Richard & Tammy Bibeau
– ATLA Member since April, 2013
– ATLA has handled five cases for Richard


*Past performance of attorneys representing ATLA members does not guarantee future performance. ATLA does not practice law.