The influx of regulations has led to the trucking industry to question the Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s intent. Last Wednesday, a group of trucking industry reps were able to express some of their concerns in Congress, at a hearing titled The Future of Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety: Technology, Safety Initiatives, and the Role of Federal Regulation, according to a Fleet Owner article.

One representative, particularly, known for common sense reforms to the regulatory process. It might seem hard to put a precise number of the regulations which have been introduced to truckers. According to Rep. Peter DeFazio at a Fleet Owner article, there were 41 regulatory changes lately made by the FMCSA.

There’s just one reason that number should be quite so high, which will be whether these regulations were being put in position to the security of all parties involved, right?

FMCSA’s motives are being questioned and we hear from Danny Schnautz’s, operations director for Clark Freight Lines, at a Fleet Owner article. This hearing comes at a crucial time for the future of motorized vehicle protection coverage, said Schnautz. Rather than a reasoned or understanding approach to airport security by addressing the key factors behind fault truck crashes, FMCSA coverage for coercion is driven by a goal of complete respect for the letter of each regulation, no matter the connection to crashes. The Compliance, Safety, Accountability app is an ideal example.

Is the program supposed to accurately portray the protection of motor carriers? . If so, why would the process be so skewed?