16 hours short distance exception allows some commercial motor vehicle drivers to extend their 14-hour window by 2 hours each week, given that certain conditions are met. In this informative article, we discuss the nitty-gritty details of the 16-hour short drag, exclusion rule, the conditions that must be fulfilled, and how drivers can use the KeepTruckin electronic logbook program to leverage the 16-hour exception. Let us first examine the hours of service principles and the way the 16-hour short-haul exception fits into. A brief recap of the HOS rules. According to DOT hours of service principles, U.S.

Property transporting CMV drivers have 14-hour windows to finish all driving-related work. In these 14 hours, they could drive up to 11 hours. Drivers must take a 30-minute break after 8 hours of driving. 16 hours short distance exception but expands that 14-hour window by two hours. So drivers may have a 16-hour window, instead of 14, once a cycle if certain conditions are met. Note that the 16-hour short-haul exception doesn’t extend your 11-hour driving limit. Rather, drivers using the short-haul exception have a 16-hour window at finish their work, but they still cannot drive past 11 hours.

To ensure valid 16 hours haul exception, make sure these conditions are met. Drivers can use the 16-hour exception if all the following occur: The motorist return to their work reporting location for that day besides their last five workdays. The motorist is released from work after coming to work within 16 hours. The motorist hasn’t employed the exception of 16 hours in the past 6 consecutive days. Besides, drivers that are eligible for non-CDL short-term exceptions might not use the 16-hour short-term exception.