As you can imagine, the Federal and State governments around the nation regulate the trucking industry, including licensing. The purpose of the regulation is to ensure safety on the highways, and not to keep out people. Licensing is a function of the state authorities, and each state has somewhat different needs and processes. We are going to cover Washington state’s needs and processes here. The CDL. A commercial driver’s license is needed to drive many vehicles. CDLs arrive in three different classes. Class A allows driving all vehicles, while Classes B and C are limited. By way of example, driving a school bus requires a Class B or C license, while driving a car with a weight rating of 26, 001 lbs or more requires a Class A CDL.

For the rest of this guide, we are going to assume you are searching for a Class A CDL. Getting the CDL. In Washington, most motorists must be eligible for CDL. You have to be 21 years old or over to operate from state-to-state. The stages Omit to get CDL, as far as the state is concerned, they are as follows. Visit the Washington driver licensing division that offers the knowledge testing needed for the CDL. Bring your current license, SSN, and evidence of U.S. Citizenship or lawful permanent residency. Self reevaluates the kind of driving you’ll be doing, you may need to supply a Medical Examiner’s certification.

We urge self-indulgent as a non excepted interstate commercial driver, which will allow you the greatest flexibility when searching for a job. Have a Health Examination, and carry a Medical Examiner’s Report. Some conditions are disqualifying unless you have got a federal exemption. The medical conditions that may disqualify a driver included diabetes mellitus, hearing, and vision issues. The Federal needs to cover interstate CDLs only. If you’re going to use your CDL in Washington State only, then waivers are also possible. The medical certificates will be with you whenever you’re driving. The knowledge test is the next measure. It is offered in English, Spanish, Russian, and Serbian Croatian.

8 CDL knowledge tests can be found, and an 80% pass rate is needed for every test to move further. Take the tests that apply to the kinds of vehicles you hope to be driving. On passage, you get your Commercial License Permit. The CLP is valid for 180 days and could be extended by another 180. The Pacific NWDS prepares you for these tests in Week Among the faculty. Your twenty-five hours in the classroom will put you up to the knowledge tests, getting your CLP, and the rest of the program. Once you finish your driver training, you’ll take the skills test either with a Department of Licensing or Third Party examiner. You need to bring your Skills Test Results form and also the college’s DOL training certification with you to receive your CDL once you’ve finished everything.