Many coaches on the forum said they instruct women trainees on personal security over the road. One of them confessed he never believed it before a pupil pointed out the possible danger of walking between trailers in the dark. From that moment on, he decided to teach his pupils about being conscious of one’s surroundings. What I believed was human nature or instinct appears to be a byproduct of me growing up in New Jersey.

Besides, few appear to consider that the possible risk for harm also is present for men. It appears that firearm discussions pop up sometimes, and lots of men respond with anger for not being permitted to carry firearms on the truck. So the concern for personal security is on the minds of some men as well. Due to this, I felt the necessity to discuss personal security. Always be aware of your surroundings. Regardless of where I scan my surroundings on all sides of me. I will never forget I noticed a driver following me, and although early.

I noticed a driver following me, and although early day, we had been the only ones in the whole lot. Measures I realized he was following in my footsteps, my massive point of the secret into his throat or eyes. After another couple of I realized that he was following in my steps, my footprints on fallen snow. He waited a minute then went ahead. At the lunch counter in the restaurant, he asked why I. As he sat at the dinner table in the restaurant, he asked why I would not allow him to use my footprints.

In the end, I’d well-constructed boots and he was wearing shoes. An air of shock rippled across his face when I explained I felt danger and was willing to bring him down by any means necessary. this man Subway areas, cause he looked terrified NY Subway areas, cause he looked terrified. Better for me to frighten even have doors from the sufferer. He never followed a girl across a whole lot. Rest Areas Could Be Dangerous At Night. Rest areas can be particularly dangerous at night. Some don’t even have doors from the exterior into the toilet, only open walls.

If at all possible, I avoid getting from the truck in the dark rest areas. A scene out of one of the Halloween movies showed a female in a rest place stall while Michael Myers loomed outside the stall door. In the real world, who knows what a perpetrator would like to do?