As we enter this new and unprecedented phase of a pandemic, we’re inundated with tips on how to assemble keep ourselves and our families healthful and virus free.

A key item on the list, social networking, poses unprecedented challenges to our mental and emotional well being, also requires consideration. The risk can be particularly high for our kids, who are cut off from school and friends. How are we, as humans and parents deal without driving ourselves and every other crazy? It is a question that health professionals are being asked several times every day and that needs addressing.

This introduction and list were composed with the support of individuals attempting to gain steady emotional footing in this strange news situation together. Here are in Top 10 practices:
Social distancing doesn’t imply emotional distancing, use technology to connect.
Clear patterns and schedule, 7 days a week, in your home, do not go overboard.
Physical and physical exercise, daily if possible.

Learning and intellectual engagement, books, reading, limited net.

Favorable living time, working to counter the negativity.

Alone time, outdoors if possible, but inside too, but remember, don’t isolate.

Focused meditation and relaxation.

Remember the things which you love doing, you could do in this situation, and discover a means to do them.

Limit exposure to Television and net news, select small windows and after that find ways to cleanse yourself of it.

Bathe every day, if possible, to bolster the feeling of cleanliness.