Sitting for a lengthy amount of time may lead to many health concerns, such as obesity and metabolic issues. Hypertension, higher blood glucose, excess body fat from the abdomen, and levels of cholesterol are also problems truck drivers can have. These health problems might increase the potential risk of death from coronary disease and cancer. Symptoms as simple as a headache may be early sign of an underlying health concern.

Be conscious how gentle, and make an appointment with your physician to have it checked out. One of the most typical health problems drivers are confronting in the trucking business include:

Obesity and anxiety, which might leads to high blood pressure level and diabetes.

Small designed work spaces which may cause neck and back injuries.

Largest speed musculoskeletal lesions in U.S.
Workers, from loading/unloading.

Exposure to hazardous substances.

Work air laced with diesel fumes that could cause chronic lung issues.

Smoking which may cause cancer and chronic lung issues.

High number of fatal injuries caused by street injuries.

1/3 of trucker injuries, extreme fatigue caused by dozing at the wheel. Dependence on stimulants to stay awake.

Depression and loneliness from isolation on the job.

Sleep Apnea.

As mentioned before, improper habits might lead to health problems in subtle ways. Poor personal hygiene, not getting enough exercise, smoking, unhealthy diet.

Skipping meals altogether are only a few. Be conscious of those behaviors and take action to avoid them if possible. Habits can be difficult to break yet, in the face of serious health issues, finding the willpower to do so is vital.

Use every resource available to locate ways change them. Anxiety affects everybody in various ways, but we must deal with it in such a way that’s best for each person.

Whether it’s every day stressors, like those you confront driving or lifelong stressors like finances, health issues or death in the family, there are ways to deal with anxiety, like:

Exercise – While waiting for your truck to be loaded, walk, stretch or do any other exercise around your truck which keeps you active.

Snacks – These can be difficult to find once you’re already on the road plan ahead and bring them with you.

Fun – When you’re home makes time to socialize with your family and friends to ease being alone so much and also to keep you active.

Get help – If you’re feeling the signs of anxiety it’s significant to consult with your physician as they might help you.

If stress is a concern due to a high workload, speaking with the trucking company might help, as many these businesses will work with their pilots where possible. Drivers could be capable to reduce their work schedule and their load they’re carrying, or change the path if that’s the problem.