Over-the-road (OTR) truckers, also known as long-haul drivers, travel prolonged distances and may be away from home for weeks at a time. For many, it’s a tough job which leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. The very nature of the work is life-threatening. The work alone is somewhat monotonous. Many rely on huge quantities of caffeine and junk food to pass the time and get energy.

Rest stops contribute to this issue. In one-stop, you can gas, shower, eat and even have your truck worked on. You spend some time stopping there instead of places to get food. Besides, staying healthy is essential not only for your well-being but for success in your career as well. These healthy habits assist in preventing burnout and keep you energized.

01 Eating Healthy on the Go Grocery stores have enough parking to get tractor-trailers, despite the fact that you might have to walk an extra bit. Furthermore, since we live in an ever more convenience-filled world, they’re a wealth of easy to eat healthy food at gasoline stations. Here are some Items Which you could select:

Pre-washed bags of lettuce and spinach Pre-washed and cut vegetables Pre-washed and cut fruit Complete pieces of fruits which are simple to clean Grilling meat (particularly poultry and turkey breasts) For the grilling beef, you’d have to get a barbecue that is portable. , those are accessible at large department shops and chain grocery stores. It a terrific way to cook healthy food on the go.

02 Exercise Exercise is difficult when you’re an OTR driver. You push for 11 hours straight, then take 10 hours away and after that you’re back at it again, repeating the cycle. Whenever you push this difficult, where do you fit in practice? Here are a few suggestions you may consider:
Folding bikes can be stowed in the sleeper berth compartment and following that tossed up from the passenger seat when it’s time to head to bed. While parked at a truck stop, you are able to ride around the outside edges of the parking lot to avoid traffic. Additionally, in case you’re at a rest area, you can ride around there too. Some have small paths you may follow. An athletic shoe is an option and easy to store. You can go walking or running in the same places you’d ride a bike.

Weights can be as powerful, despite the fact that you would like to be careful about your selections. Pick weights which you may quite use while driving down the road. Ensure you have a location to safeguard them. You don’t want them to roll under your acceleration pedal, brake or clutch. That might be deadly. Pedometers may be utilized in conjunction with the bike or athletic shoe, allowing you to track your progress. Tracking your progress is a fantastic motivator.